Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Windows 10 Update Download Free For Windows 7 | Windows 8/8.1

Windows 10 Update : Check out the latest operating system resolution across 190 countries on the globe nothing but the windows 10 download it almost there the Microsoft corporation have most recently launched this windows 10 operating system and said that billions of windows 7 and windows 8 users can update their operating system with the all new windows 10 today let's check how it is done.

windows 10 download
windows 10 download

Windows 10

The wait has gone. Finally, Microsoft today launched its new version i.e., Windows 10 while millions of people are eagerly waiting for the update. The people who are using Windows 7 and Windows 8, they have a chance to update and people who are using Windows XP and older versions, unfortunately they don't have a chance to upgrade to windows 10. There is a solution for that people using windows XP and older versions should first upgrade to windows 7 and then upgrade to windows 10 or else they can download a rar file and they can install it on the current system.

The good thing about it is now the company is not at all charging to pay to upgrade for the latest Operating system, So, that makes a sense and a valid point.

The important thing is Windows 10 being a freebie numerous people are considering the change even if they are not particularly techie minded. The good news is the process of upgrading to windows 10 is very smooth and it can be completed very easily.

If you are ready to upgrade your System from Windows 7/8/8.1, then we have some steps to follow and here are the steps you need to follow. Before going to the steps, why don't we have a brief about Windows 10 features.

Windows 10 Features 

  • Windows 10 download is free for everyone and they can easily update from Windows 7/ windows 8/ windows 8.1.
  • Windows 10 is Wonderful.
  • It is far better than Windows 8.1 version.
  • It will be best suitable to the traditional PC Users.
  • The best thing is we can easily get rid of Full screen apps and the attractive Metro start screen is awestruck.
  • If you are fresh to Windows 10 or else New to the newer version of windows then there are lot more eye grabbing features you will see and there is lot more exciting features.

How to update to Windows 10

Here are the steps to update your current Operating System to the windows 10 newer version within no time you can all new genuine features of the windows 10

While there are many ways to upgrade your Operating system i.e., windows versions to your System, the easiest method is to use the windows update. The installation will preserve all your personal files and installed programs as well as it will backup the files which are saved in the local disk or else C drive.
  • The basic work you need to do is just check for the system requirements for Windows 10 and confirm, so that your computer will be able to handle the OS.
  • Then you need to sign up for the windows insider program from the microsoft website, as this is very easy and a short procedure to upgrade. go through (
  • Sign up may take a few moments. Once you are done with that you are ready to start the update and next you need to go to the Technical Preview Page of Microsoft's Website and the click start upgrade now and the process will start automatically.
windows 10 download
windows 10 download
  • The site will begin downloading at that moment and it will download the necessary files to prepare your upgrade launch the executable once it is downloaded, later on it will install those files. 
  • Then, probably you need to Restart your computer and then open up the windows update tab from control panel, then it will show the Windows 10 10 Technical preview as shown in the figure above.
windows 10 download
windows 10 download
  • Then click Install and the process will start to update to the latest version of Windows.
  • The installation may take some time more than an hour. That's it you are done with it and Windows 10 download Os is loaded on Your System/ Laptop.
Enjoy the Windows 10 Operating System on your Desktop.
After windows 10 update completes you need to do is testing the apps such as Desktop changes, universal apps, touch- enabled version of Microsoft Office Suite, Task View and more and more.

Windows 10 iso File Download

So, till now you have seen the way to update the current operating system i.e windows 7 or windows 8/8.1 to the latest windows 10 download and now we are looking forward to the next alternative procedure where many of us are waiting about it so here the tutorial or process to download the windows 10 iso file in both the 32 bit and 64 bit formats .

Here are the topics that we have right now :
It's simple to download the latest windows 10 32 bit download and windows 10 64 bit download just go through  the link we provided below and you can now get the windows 10 free download all the way straight to your PC/Laptop

windows 10 download
windows 10 download
Hope you all gone though the tutorial that how to download windows 10 and all things set right now only thing is explore the astonishing new features of the windows 10 download and check the best app features now from store.

Stay tuned on this page for more latest and in built new software updates of the Windows 10. !!!